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It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

One of my favorite sayings and one of my favorite hashtags: It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.  We all hear it, we may have an idea of what it really means, but let’s break it down.  What the heck are we actually getting at when we say that?  Social media influencers left, and right are…

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month.  We hear a lot about cancer these days, but oral cancer is not usually one people think of.  Statistics show that 1 person each hour of each day die of oral cancer.  That is 24 people per day that die from this terrible cancer.  Oral cancer is one of…

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I love working with Amy as a nutrition and lifestyle coach. She is so knowledgeable and motivating. I not only feel stronger and healthier, but it has been a game changing experience for me. She has tailored a coaching plan specifically for me. And I love the Zoom workouts. Which have been wonderful in such trying times. I would absolutely recommend Amy as a coach, and am fortunate to have found her to help support me on my health journey.

Jennifer W.

I’m loving how these classes get me moving, and are easy to squeeze in to my day. The hour flies by and I love the variety of exercises (and modifications) that are given. There’s something in there for everyone and no one is too advanced or too new to make this work. There are really no excuses not to do this for yourself and you’ll be feeling great after just a few sessions with Amy.