Working out can be challenging, especially on your own. We all need a little help and motivation sometimes. For me, it is extremely beneficial to have my weekly workouts mapped out prior to the week starting- I am way more likely to get them done if I do no have to put as much thought in to them when the time comes. This is where I can help!

While my fitness certifications are primarily CrossFit related- I do not have the typical Crossfit philosophy that you may be thinking of. I am a big supporter of the idea that my fitness routine should support my lifestyle, and make me better at doing the things I love. I workout so that I can go play hard on the weekends. If I’m too tired and sore on the weekends to go do the things I love, my fitness is not working for me. This is what I strive for, for my clients as well. Whatever your fitness goals may be, we can find a way to fit them in to your busy life and have them support your other activities.

I place a heavy emphasis on correct technique and form as a way to prevent unintended injuries. I incorporate lots of accessory and core work in to fitness regimens as these are both huge components of staying fit. I love helping clients achieve their fitness goals, and realize how much better they can feel overall.

Whatever your fitness needs are, we can come up with an approachable plan tailored to your goals. Check out my Plans N Pricing page for more details. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact me for a customized fitness plan.

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