Work With Me

Looking to make a lifestyle change, but not sure where to start?

Sick of having no motivation and feeling tired all of the time?

Tired of treating symptoms and not addressing the cause of the problem?

As a licensed healthcare professional, I understand what overall health is.  I have an extensive knowledge of how different facets of our lives have an effect on one another.  Dysfunction in one facet of our lives can have an extensive domino affect.  Working in the healthcare field for close to a decade has given me insight in to how important it is to treat our bodies as a whole.

I look at the whole picture and take it all in to consideration to best help you reach your goals. Through a combination of lifestyle, nutrition and fitness coaching, we can make long-lasting positive changes in your overall health and wellness. I strive to help my clients be proactive and avoid situations where they must be reactive.

Let me help guide you to a healthier, happier you by making long-term lifestyle changes.  A little bit of prevention goes a long way!